Mental Health in the NE Victoria

WKODC is a huge advocate on bringing Mental Health issues out of the closet and providing assistance for those in the NE Victorian community in enjoying a better and more fulfilled life.

Being our main experience is in animal training we have created a partnership with many sponsors and are trying to raise as many funds as possible to assist in training our Trainers to become Assistance Dog Trainers and Assessors. This will be in partnership with Mind Dogs to provide the community with a less expensive option for Recognised Assistance Dogs to help with whatever mental health issue they are struggling with.

If you would like to assist or provide sponsorship or funding please send an email to admin@wkodc.com with your contact details and we will contact you to create a relationship to help all the community in the NE Victoria.


Stories Published in the Newspapers:

WKODC Assistance with Mental Health in the NE Victoria (Published in the Wangaratta Chronicle on Friday 21st August 2020

WKODC Assistance with Mental Health in the NE Victoria (Published in the Shepparton News on Monday 24th August 2020Page 1, Page 2


Weather conditions:

If it is raining reasonably steadily or extreme heat then we are unlikely to train – check Facebook, the website or as a last resort call Kevin on 0418 221 260.

Training will be cancelled when the forecast temperature is over 36 degrees. Please bear this in mind during the warmer months.


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We would love to share your successes in trials and shows during the year. To be included in the next newsletter, please email  admin@wkodc.com ( and use Newsletter item as your subject line).

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