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The Wangaratta Kennel & Obedience Dog Club Inc: was founded in 1947 and is a non-profitable organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible pet ownership, training owners to train their dogs to a level of obedience so as to be an acceptable member living within our community, being well socialized and living a happy healthy life within their human family environment.

This also includes education on the care of dogs from the puppy to old age, strategies on reducing anti-social and unwanted behaviours, & helping owners to understand dog behaviour & averting potential dangers around children, and other animals & the environment in which they live.

Education workshops are occasionally available in the above disciplines along with other seminars of interest to responsible pet ownership.

The method of training and philosophy of the club is based on the respect the dog has for his leader (the handler) and the ability the two have to work as a team. This comes about when the handler is trained to give clear instruction to the dog in a way as to set him up for success. This is achieved by being consistent, patient & kind, learning to use praise and reward to enhance success, this then becomes evident when the dog and handler work as a team without confusion, signals are clear and concise.

This also supports the Wangaratta City Council’s regulation on responsible pet ownership.

We also have a small group of members who volunteer their time with pet Therapy Dogs who regularly visit nursing homes around the Wangaratta District.

Our Trainers

Our Instructors have had many years’ experience, training people and their dogs within the community as well as training their own dogs & achieving many titles in disciplines such as competition Obedience, Tracking, Agility, and Endurance & Confirmation Shows.

All Instructors give their time & talent on a voluntary basis and are dedicated to training members in Obedience, Agility, Conformation Shows and Scent Work/Tracking.

Club members & a small team of volunteers also run trials and shows under the regulation of the Victorian Canine Association. This is also seen as a community service where the public are welcome to come and view dogs working during official trial or show. Most competitors are more than happy to give advice or information on the event or breed the visitor is interested in.

The Committee of the club are dedicated to helping all members whose goal is to train their dogs to be well mannered, well socialized and help introduce strategies to try and reduce behavioural problems. 

The Club is always looking for volunteers who also believe in the philosophy & training methods of the club. These individuals are most welcome to join our small hard-working team.


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