The Wangaratta Kennel & Obedience Dog Club was formed in 1947 and is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible pet ownership, training owners to train their dogs to a level of obedience so as to be an acceptable member living within the community, being well socialized and living a happy healthy life with their human family.

This also includes education on the care of dogs from the puppy to old age, strategies on reducing anti-social, and unwanted behaviours and helping owners to understand dog behaviour and averting potential dangers around children, other animals and the environment in which they live.

Education workshops are occasionally available in Agility, Tracking and Show class training pending the amount of interest in these disciplines.

The method of training and philosophy of the club is based on the respect the dog has for his leader (the handler) and the ability the two have to work as a team. This comes about when the handler is trained to give clear instructions to the dog so as to set him up for success, through being consistent, patient and kind and learning to use praise and reward to enhance success. This partnership becomes evident when the dog and handler work as a team without confusion and signals are clear and concise. We are currently reviewing our training techniques and working towards introducing positive reinforcement training. More information on this will become available over the coming weeks and months.

The club is always looking for volunteers who also believe in the philosophy and training methods of the club. These individuals are most welcome to join our small hard-working team.

Our Trainers

Our Instructors have had many years experience, training people and their dogs within the community, as well as training their own dogs and achieving many titles in disciplines such as competition Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Endurance and Conformation Shows.

All Instructors give their time and talent on a volunteer basis and are dedicated to training members in basic obedience and those who are interested in competition obedience etc. Club members and a small team of volunteers also run Trials and Shows under the regulations of the Victorian Canine Association.

Our Executive Committee

President – Kevin Felmingham
Vice president – Brian Maiden
Vice president – Janet Palmer
Treasurer – Graham Gossow
Secretary – Melissa Murdock
Assistant Secretary – Sibur Carrick
Secretary Advisor – Jean Witte


Dianne Costello, Gail Benton, Carol Togher, Judy Burns, Ron Webb, Mary Ann Blundy, Marion Gray, Jean Witte, Jessica Powell, Eleanor Forester, Liam Murdock

Domestic Appointments:

Chief Instructor  –  Kevin Felmingham
Publicity – Jessica Powell & Gail Benton
Promotions, Sponsorship & Public Officer – Melissa Murdock
Canteen Manager – Carol Togher
Front of House Service Manager – Maxine Webb
Trial Manager –  Kevin Felmingham
Show Manager – Janet Palmer
Agility Manager – Dianne Costello
Liaison Officer & Grounds person – Ron Webb
Rally O Instructors – Liam Murdock & Janet Palmer