Executive                                                   Committee

President – Kevin FELMINGHAM                                                                Maryanne BLUNDY         Dianne COSTELLO

Vice President 1 – Brian MAIDEN                                                             Gail BENTON                    Carol TOGHER

Vice President 2 – Janet PALMER                                                            Judy BURNS                     Jean WITTE

Secretary – Melissa MURDOCK                                                                   Ron WEBB                        Marion GRAY

Treasurer – Grahame GOSSOW                                                                   Jessica POWELL             Eleanor FORESTER


                Domestic Appointments

Chief Instructor – Kevin FELMINGHAM

Deputy Chief Instructor – XXXXXXXXXXXX

Publicity (Facebook and Newsletter) – Jessica POWELL

Promotion and Sponsorship – Melissa MURDOCK

Canteen Manager – Carol TOGHER

Front of House Manager – Maxine WEBB

Trail Manager – Kevin FELMINGHAM

Show Manager – Janet PALMER

Agility Manager – Di COSTELLO

Liaison and Property Manager – Ron WEBB

IT Manager – Liam MURDOCK