Club Grounds Rules

  1. All dogs must be immunised, and an immunisation certificate produced upon request.
  2. Dogs under the age of 2 months will not be allowed to train in any class.
  3. Any child under the age of 10 years will not be allowed to train a dog in any class without the express permission of the Instructors. Parents must be in attendance at all times. 
  4. Bitches in Season will not be permitted to train or remain on the grounds during training sessions.
  5. All dogs must remain on leash at all times whilst on Club grounds unless working under the supervision of an Instructor.
  6. Any hurdles or jumps may only be used under the direct supervision of an Instructor. All equipment must be put away after use.
  7. Owners/Handlers are responsible for the actions of their dog(s) at all times. This includes before, during and after training sessions and at break times.
  8. All Handlers must carry 2 plastic bags (poo bags) at all times.
  9. The Handler of any dog which fouls the grounds must immediately remove the droppings. A scoop or plastic bag is available for this purpose.
  10. No dog is to be left unattended unless tied up or confined by some means so that it cannot interfere with other dogs or other members’ belongings. 
  11. People and their dogs must stay clear of crated or tethered dogs at all times whilst on the grounds and/or surrounds.
  12. The Chief Instructor or his/her delegate may require the muzzling of any dog which displays aggression towards the instructors, handlers or other dogs, or may direct the dog to be taken from Club grounds.
  13. Any person seen to be maltreating any dog will be reported to the Committee for action on the matter. The Committee will not tolerate maltreatment of a dog or handlers under any circumstances.
  14. Any adult bringing a child/child onto Club grounds is responsible for the actions of that child/children at all times. The responsible adult must supervise the child/children so that they do not inconvenience or distract members and their dogs or compromise the safety any person or dog. Children must respect the Club’s property and the property of members at all times.
  15. The Grounds are Non-Smoking.