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For those interested in participating in agility, either for fun or competition, it is a requirement you attend and pass our assessment as conducted by the Agility Co-Ordinator. If your dog doesn’t obey basic obedience commands, it will be difficult to navigate an agility or jumping course.

Membership and Training Costs are as follows:

  • $20 Initial Joining Fee
  • $10 Single or $20 for Household VCA Insurance Levy (unless VCA member)
  • $30 yearly membership (Single) or
  • $50 yearly membership (Household) or
  • $20 yearly membership (Discounted)
  • $5 Donation to the Community Programs run by WKODC Olive Branch
  • $100 yearly training fee

Club Members and Visitors


Dogs Must be 12 Months of Age to attend Agility


Must attend at least 2 Weeks in our Brown Class before undergoing Agility Assessment


For the assessment your dog must Demonstrate the following


* Come when called with minor distractions

* Sit, Drop & Play

* Stand for Examination

* Your dog must be social with class etiquette

* must be able to do a short stay exercise

* Must demonstrate an understanding of positive reinforcement dog training methods

* Must be introduced to club ground rules, and they are on our Web Page.

* No dogs under the age of 12 months will be allowed to join Agility classes due to the potential for injury to growing bones, 

Remember to bring a crate or a tie-out stake and treats / toys, and have your dog wearing a flat collar without any tags. (No martingale collars or check chains.) Your dog’s nails must be short, so he can grip the surface of the equipment properly – clip them if necessary.

For any questions relating to Agility Please contact our Agility Co-Ordinator Corina Wendnagel 0401909557