Beginners Obedience

Beginners Course:

Our Beginners Course is for a 5-week course (1st week Information Session followed by 4 weeks practical training). Must be paid upfront to hold your booking. The first basic obedience class following this course is free.

If you’re going to miss a night give the club a call so other arrangements can be facilitated.

Our beginner’s dog obedience course is designed as an introduction for both you and your dog to become familiar with the basics of dog obedience. The Beginners Course is the perfect next step from Puppy school as you get to know your new pup, or as a great way to build your relationship with your older dog.


Upcoming Dates:

Contact Kevin Felmingham on 0418 221 260 for details.


The classes provide dogs of all ages, size and breed an opportunity to gain experience and confidence in socialising with a variety of other dogs and handlers. Our experienced trainers will introduce you and your dog to a variety of skills including heal on lead, left and right turns and about turns, sit/stand/drop/stay and distance recall which you can then practice at home. They will also provide a taste of the further training opportunities available as a member of our club, such as obedience and agility. 

All dogs must be at least 3 months old, be vaccinated and microchipped before joining. Please bring along your dog’s vaccination records and microchip number to the first lecture. Dogs are not required for the first lecture, so please leave them at home for this session.

Those interested in joining the beginner’s obedience course are required to text their name and their dog’s name to Kevin Felmingham on 0418 221 260. We recommend that you secure your spot early, as we have a limited number of places available per session and groups have been booking out well in advance. You will receive a reply with the bank details for the deposit. Once receipt of deposit has been confirmed you will receive a booking number.

The classes run for an hour each Monday from 5:30 pm, this is also a fantastic opportunity to ask for advice in relation to other behavioural and training methods from experienced instructors. It is highly recommended to arrive 10 to 15min early as it can be quite busy and check in can take some time.

For those dogs that required a little extra space, due to fear or limited socialization, we are able to accommodate these needs with A GIVE ME SPACE VEST . If you are willing to put the work in with your dog, we are willing to help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one person attend each week to train the same dog?

While you are more than welcome to bring the family along on the first night, as it is beneficial that all family members know how you are training the dog and can help in between lessons, experience has shown that the best result comes from the same person attending each week, and then working with the rest of the family to pass on what they learned.

They are more than welcome to watch the lesson each week, and if they wish, they can attend a course once you are finished.

Can children attend the course?

We are willing to accept children from 12yrs of age, if you wish for a younger child to take the training, it will be considered based on the maturity of the child and the size and breed of dog and final approval will be required from the chief instructor.

What equipment do i need?

A suitable lead that is neither too long or short and a well fitted collar. Collars we prefer are flat soft collar, buckle collar and martingale collar style.

Use treats that are special and your dog loves, make sure it isn’t too difficult to chew and sizes of treats are not too big. Keep in mind the health of your dog, it is fine to use chopped up saveloys or cheese but there is no need to feed your dog dinner on training nights.

Ensure treat bags are easy to access and you can use a treat bag or a bum bag. 

We sell all the necessary equipment each training day if you need anything. 

My course has finished, what next?

Completion of the basic beginner’s course doesn’t have to signal an end to your dog’s obedience training. If you are satisfied with the basics, you can finish up with the club, if you decide later on you want to return, you can pay the yearly training fee and continue your obedience, agility or other training.

For those who want to continue on, you are already a member of the club, and can participate in further training to reinforce the skills your dog has learned.