Obedience Training

All training is on the 15th July at normal training times.

New rules apply regarding social distancing and sanitation. Please refer to the email sent to all members regarding the changes.

Membership costs $15 as an initial joining fee, and then $30 yearly membership with discounts available for juniors and also family rates. 


Training each Wednesday will have a ground fee of $5 and there are many levels in which to progress through


Many members choose to compete in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility, Jumping, Tracking and Retrieving to name a few, at which further training is available as required.


Rally-O is an obedience competition class that uses signs to indicate what obedience move to complete. It is challenging and fun at the same time, with the added benefit of being able to talk to your dog during the course unlike the tradition obedience trials. This discipline is taught through all the levels of classes from Yellow to Blue.