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Mental Health in NE Victoria

WKODC is a huge advocate of bringing mental health issues out of the closet and providing assistance for those in the NE Victorian community in enjoying a better and more fulfilled life.

This is our main experience in animal training. We have created a partnership with many sponsors and are trying to raise as many funds as possible to assist in training our trainers to become Assistance Dog Trainers and Assessors. This will be in partnership with Mind Dogs to provide the community with a less expensive option for Recognised Assistance Dogs to help with whatever mental health issue they are struggling with.

If you would like to assist or provide sponsorship or funding, please email with your contact details, and we will contact you to create a relationship to help all the community in NE Victoria.


Stories Published in the Newspapers:

WKODC Assistance with Mental Health in the NE Victoria (Published in the Wangaratta Chronicle on Friday 21st August 2020)

- Page 1

WKODC Assistance with Mental Health in the NE Victoria (Published in the Shepparton News on Monday 24th August 2020)

 – Page 1Page 2

WKODC Assistance with Mental Health in the NE Victoria (Published in the Dogs Victoria Gazzette on Tuesday 6th October 2020)

- Page 2




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JULY NEWSLETTER - 9th July 2024
July Newsletter has lots of interesting information & requests, members have been very busy this month competing in their chosen dog sports. Winter has also set in. Keep your dog warm on these frosty mornings.
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Dr Raquel Butler Intergrated Veterinary Therapeutics - 27th May 2024
Dr Raquel Butler, Veterinary Therapeutics is holding an Information Session at Albury & Border KC grounds Specialising in Oestopathic, Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Techniques . Laser & Taping. Bookings Essential so don’t miss out. Especially for performance dogs who may hurt themselves while performing jumping & twisting.
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JUNE NEWSLETTER - 27th May 2024
Hi Sorry but had to edit the NL. Sorry for any inconvenience. Enjoy reading
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MAY NEWSLETTER - 29th April 2024
Hi all. May Newsletter is out a wee bit early due to our Rally trials & Mark Murray Workshop giving everyone a last chance interest in join in. Volunteers are desperately needed for our Rally & Obedience trials. It’s a Happy Mothers Day to all mums. The more people we have helping will allow mums to have a break and children to see their mums over the weekend. HELP US OUT NO SKILLS REQUIRED.
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APRIL NEWSLETTER - 17th April 2024
The year has been so busy you’ll find lots of member activities that just had to be celebrated. Don’t forget our Mark Murray Workshop highly recommended for all WKODC Members & a great raffle with be offered. Don’t miss out. Also our May Rally trials are coming up & a beaut raffle is at the trial too. Enjoy
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MARCH NEWSLETTER - 22nd March 2024
Sorry everyone for the newsletter being a bit late but as you’ll see we have so busy and lots of information has been added to the Newsletter this month. Easter is coming up. Enjoy and stay safe. I encourage all members to come to our Mark Murray Workshop as an Auditor to better understand the method we are teaching you.
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February Newsletter - 13th February 2024
February Newsletter
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DECEMBER NEWSLETTER - 3rd December 2023
The club has done some amazing things this year. Club members have excelled in gaining Titles, Training groups are achieving great results with their dogs. Thanks to our project managers & Member volunteers for putting in the hard work lifting our clubs profile. All this has earned a 95% satisfaction win from WRCBA’s for 2023 Congratulations to all.
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November Newsletter - 18th November 2023
Here is the 2nd last Newsletter for 2023. It has certainly been a busy year. Congratulations to those who gained titles, Championships & Grand Championship status. Obedience & Agility classes have been busy with new handlers and their dogs, some have had a challenge but because of your commitment your instructors can see how hard you have worked, congratulations to you all.
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OCTOBER NEWSLETTER - 16th October 2023
What a fantastic year for us to Celebrate all the many Titles & Championship status’s that have been put on our dogs. Lots of training and hard work goes into achieving these converted awards- well done all
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