The next Lecture Night will be January 29th 2024. No dogs on this night starts @ 5.30pm in our Clubrooms.

Go to our Webpage to book in or come down on Lecture night, and we will assist you.


All members are invited to attend club meetings and suggest ideas for the club.

Membership and Training Costs are as follows:

Non-Training Members

  • $20 Initial Joining Fee
  • $10 Single or $20 for Household DV Insurance Levy (unless DV member) DV means Dogs Victoria for competition registered dogs.
  • $35 Yearly Membership (Single) or
  • $55 Yearly Membership (Household) or
  • $25 Yearly Membership (Discounted)
  • $185.00 Beginners Course
  • $5 Donation to the Community Programs run by WKODC Inc. Olive Branch.

Training members


  • $150.00 Yearly Training Fee for the year

The last training night for 2024 will be the 11th December 2024.



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