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As a community club we commit to engaging with the community in order to assist in educating and assisting with all aspects of canine needs.  To ensure that as a whole we have the desired impact we have created three programs to further develop the relationship with the community and provide supports where we can:

Assistance Dog Program – we intend to have 3 instructors gain the level (Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services) required to train and assess through MindDogs dogs to become assistance dogs for members of the community that have non-physical issues. This will be obtained by 2025 and then WKODC will commence classes and assessments.

Scholarship Program – we have partnered with Go-Tafe to create a yearly scholarship. Submissions will be made by candidates and the chosen candidate will have the opportunity to access the scholarship when applying for the chosen course they desire.

Donation Program – we are committed to donate to a recognised charity in the community that holds some connection to the membership of the club. The charity will be selected every year by the members that is most deserving and the donations will be made on behalf of the whole club.


For more details about any of these programs click on the program name.